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How to install the Clearlooks theme on your CentOS desktop?

The Clearlooks theme is one of the nicest themes for Gnome that is CentOS default desktop manager. Installing themes is not always straight-forward. Fortunately, CentOS has an RPM available on one of its third-party repositories.

Installing the Clearlooks theme

Installing Clearlooks can be done easily. Open your terminal and issue:

$ su
# yum install gnome-theme-clearlooks gnome-theme-clearlooks-bigpack

After a few moments, Clearlooks will be installed on your system

Selecting the Clearlooks theme for Gnome

Now that you installed Clearlooks on your workstation, let's select it in the Gnome configurations. Click the top-left Gnome menu "Applications > Preferences > Themes"

You will have the list of available themes on your system. Select the "Clearlooks" theme from the list. On the right-hand side, click the "Theme details" button. The "Theme details" window will pop up, and in the "Controls" tab, select one of the "Clearlooks" options. One of the most appropriate variants for the CentOS look and feel is the "Clearlooks-Quicksilver" one, although most of them are nice, especially the "Clearlooks-Olive" for those who like green :)

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Doesn't work in CentOS 4.4
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