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How to install OpenOffice.org easily on CentOS?

Finding, installing and finding out how to use the latest version of OpenOffice.org can be a challenge if you take the traditional way of installing software on CentOS. Let's see how we can go through this process fairly easily:

1. Download OpenOffice.org from their download page.

2. Extract the tarball:

$ su
# tar xvzpf OOo_2.0.3_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz

3. Access the RPMs directory:

# cd OOC680_m7_native_packed-1_en-US.9044/RPMS

4. Install OpenOffice.org:

# rpm -Uvh *.rpm

5. Install the OpenOffice.org shortcuts:

# cd desktop-integration
# rpm -Uvh openoffice.org-redhat-menus-2.0.3-2.noarch.rpm

6. Done! You can run OpenOffice.org using the following command lines:

Writer		openoffice.org-2.0 -writer
Calc		openoffice.org-2.0 -calc
Impress		openoffice.org-2.0 -impress
Draw		openoffice.org-2.0 -draw
Base		openoffice.org-2.0 -base
Generic		openoffice.org-2.0

7. Optionally if you have antialiased Microsoft fonts, you can launch OpenOffice.org and disabling antialiasing for font size below 14px:

Tools > Options > View > Screen font antialiasing from 14 pixels

As a side note, you can reconfigure your OpenOffice.org icons in your Gnome or KDE toolbar, just right-click them and change the command to the new ones and save.

It should work fine now:

OpenOffice.org in CentOS

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Last update: 2008-09-01 05:57
Author: Charles A. Landemaine
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