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How to configure Gtalk in Kopete?

Google's Gtalk in spreading rapidely because it is integrated into Gmail, and also because it uses an open protocol, Jabber, which open-source enthusiasts prefer. Using Gtalk in KDE's universal instant messenger Kopete in not difficult. Let's see how we can achieve it.

1. Launch Kopete and click "Settings > Configure":

Gtalk Kopete

2. The configuration window will show up. Under "Accounts", click the "New" button:

Gtalk in Kopete

3. The wizard will start. Select "Jabber" from the list and click "Next":


4. Fill in your information:

  • Jabber ID: type in your Gmail username with the "@gmail.com" suffix
  • Check "Remember password" and type in your Gmail password

5. Click "Next":


6. Under the "Connection" tab, check all options:

  • Use protocol encryption (SSL)
  • Allow plain-text password authentication
  • Override default server information

In the "Server" field, type: talk.google.com, in "Port", type: 5223, and click "OK":


Now your Gtalk account is configured in Kopete and you should have your list of buddies :)

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Last update: 2008-08-31 08:27
Author: Charles A. Landemaine
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Comment of Budgee:
I had to use my full gmail address. Kopete wouldn't allow an address without an @
Added at: 2006-10-17 08:21

Comment of zordsdavini:
Yes, it has to be full with '@gmail.com'
Added at: 2006-10-29 11:51

Comment of Stefan:
For me it works with '@googlemail.com' dunno why.
Added at: 2008-03-25 16:19

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